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The Republic of Turkey, more generally known just as Turkey, is located in between the edges of both Western Asia as well as Southeast Europe. Turkey has been recorded and confirmed as one of the earliest settlements making it a hub for historical blessings. This historical treasure is also the reason why people throughout the globe have their dreams settled on visiting Turkey at least once in their lifetime and enjoying all the beauties, sights, milestones, architecture that it has to offer.

The Turkish Visa- What to Remember?

Like most of the republic countries globally, Turkey also has the general method and conditions installed for a Turkish visa which can later come in handy when you want to visit Turkey. Turkey offers a bunch of different types of Turkish visas where you can choose the visa which best suits your case. If the case is correct and proven, then you will be assigned a Turkish visa and will be allowed to continue with the actions that you mentioned in the visa for a specific amount of time.

Of course, before you decide to commit to having a visit to Turkey and start packing your bags, it is recommended that you check the essential details first and have an idea of the overall image of your stay. This step is also crucial because Turkey follows a policy in its visa system which forbids a few nationalities from getting a hold of their visa, and it also allows some nationalities to enter Turkey without even needing a passport in the first place.

Who Can Apply for an E-Visa to Turkey?

Nationals of eligible countries are allowed to apply and receive Turkish e-Visa after submitting an online application. Eligible travelers only require an internet connection to complete and submit the visa application. However, to successfully receive the online visa the applicant needs to provide personal, passport, and travel related information. The required data includes:

  • Applicant’s full name as written on the passport
  • Applicant’s data and place of birth
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • purpose of travel
  • previous travel experience
  • passport issue country, issue and expiration date
  • expected date of entering Turkey

Some FAQs About Turkish e-Visas:

Yes, you must carry a passport with at least five to six months left to its expiry. Otherwise, your visa application will not be considered valid.

You can enter Turkey as early as the first day of the permitted period on your visa or as late as the third last day. It does not matter when you enter, as long as you leave within the allowed time.

No, you will not be arrested if you overstay in Turkey. However, you can be deported right away if you do not respond or refuse to leave, you can be heavily fined for not following the rules, or you can be permanently banned from visiting Turkey ever again.

You can enter the country with a Schengen visa only under some conditions. This include, you have to be the national of any of the countries/territories eligible to apply for a Turkish e-visa for tourism or business, the airline you have chosen to travel with should have protocols with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and you should have the necessary hotel reservation proof and financial means to support your stay.

No, the visa is valid for tourism, transit, and business purposes only. If you want to work or study in Turkey, you have to apply for a Sticker Visa.

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