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Guide to Online Turkey Transit Visa

Every traveler will need a transit visa for Turkey if they want to leave the airport, even if the stay is no longer than a few hours.

You will need a visa if you want to leave the transit area. Passengers who will remain in the airport in the transit area won't require a visa.

Why Do You Need a Transit Visa For Turkey?

People with more extended layovers in the country would like to visit the airport's surrounding area to make the most out of their time. IST (Istanbul Airport) is about an hour away from the city center. If you are a traveler with longer waits between the flights, you may want to spend a few hours in the largest city of Turkey (Istanbul). If you wish to visit Istanbul, you will apply for a Transit Visa for Turkey unless you are an exempt visa country citizen, in which case you won't need any visa.

Most citizens can apply for a transit visa online, which takes less than a few minutes to fill out the application form and submit it. If you want to stay in the airport and wait for the connecting flight, you won't need to apply for a Turkey Transit Visa.

How to Apply for A Turkey Transit Visa?

It is a straightforward process to apply for a transit visa for Turkey. If you meet the requirements for a transit visa, you can fill out the online application from your office or home.

You must provide important biographical details (Full name, Contact Details, Place of birth, and date).

The applicants must also provide the passport issuance/expiration dates and the passport number. You are advised to recheck the application before submitting it as it may delay the processing if any mistakes are found.

The fees can be paid online via credit or debit card securely.

Transit In Turkey During Covid-19

Most citizens can transit in the country during the restrictions regarding covid-19 travel. Make sure you are not banned from entering the country.

Remember that the entry requirements during the pandemic do not apply to the passengers choosing to stay at the airport and wait there for connecting flights instead of going out of the airport. However, the travelers that want to leave the airport and visit Istanbul or nearby areas must have

Keep yourself updated regarding the covid-19 travel restrictions.

How Much Time Does it Take to Process a Transit Visa for Turkey?

As the processing time for Turkey e-Visa is fast, you will be able to receive yours within 24 hours. It is recommended that you apply for a visa at least three days before your intended travel date.

If you want to receive your visa urgently, you can apply via the priority service, which will take about 1 hour to process, and you can obtain your visa then.


Can I Use the Turkey e-Visa is a Transit Visa? Yes, as the Turkey e-visa can let you transit through airports in Turkey, you can also use it to visit the country

The layover in Turkey depends on your nationality. You can stay from 30 to 90 days in the country

Following are the several procedures you need to consider while applying for a Turkish Transit Visa

  • Decide why and which Transit Visa for Turkey will you need
  • Look for the right time to apply
  • Find out where should you apply
  • Complete the online form at the Turkish Pre-Application System
  • Go through all the required documents while applying for a Transit Visa for Turkey
  • Attend the interview for a Turkey Transit Visa.

All of the airports in Turkey will accept your e-visa for transit. As Istanbul Airport is the largest airport in Turkey, most of the passengers will transit through there.

If you are not eligible to obtain a Visa for Turkey online (e-Visa), you will apply for a visa to transit via consulate or an embassy.

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